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Custom Homes in Maine

Looking up towards a timber frame rising into the blue sky.
A salvaged timber frame home rising.

At Benjamin & Company, we do more than simply build houses.  We build with great care to create homes that function as well-integrated systems, leaving our clients with spaces of exceptional quality, efficiency, and durability.  No matter the scope of your project, we will approach it with the same mindfulness we bring to everything we create.  Above all, we want to make the journey to your new front door as smooth as possible.

Building an extraordinary home is an endlessly complex, challenging, and rewarding process. Doing it well requires a team as exceptional as the house itself.  At Benjamin & Company, we employ a team of talented, conscientious carpenters who will work tirelessly to ensure every detail is exactly as you’ve imagined it, from framing the floor system for the first floor to installing the finest stain-grade millwork.  With our team on site for the duration of the project, we ensure the best communication between everyone involved in the construction process, including the very best subcontractors in Maine.

As challenging as is it to build your dream home, Benjamin & Company is committed to making the process fun, exciting, and ultimately, rewarding.