Recent Work

Our crackerjack crew has been cranking through some amazing work recently. Two beautiful projects have kept us very busy for the last few months, and we wanted to share some of the great photos that Sam has been gathering. There’s more to see on Facebook and Instagram

The solar panels on Ben’s barn are cranking out green power on their first full day in operation! We’ve always been big fans of solar energy, and we’re thrilled to partner with our good friends at ReVision Energy to prove that we can walk the walk. While Sam was outside getting the shot, Pat was inside putting the finishing touches on a suite of gorgeous custom doors… The first of many things cut, planed, mortised, and sanded with clean local power! #hipsterhairdo #barnpower ReVision Energy
Made it to work. #noplowguynoproblem #butseriouslyplowbeforenoon #carpenterproblems
The view from inside the #blackwoodhouse flying truss. #timbersontimbers
Generations of builders have heard hushed rumors of the most fantastically useful tool ever imagined, but few of us have ever seen one in action… until now. That’s right: BenCo found a #skyhook, and we’re using it to hold up the roof over this porch. Kinda makes you want one, right? #notsharing #buildyourown #thehookthemyththelegend #nopostnoproblem #marvelsofengineering Kaplan Thompson Architects
Hemlock timbers with walnut splines. #andgoldenhourlighting #structureorsculpture #canitbeboth