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Benjamin + Company builds on a rich history of fine Maine craftsmanship, striving to leave our clients with comfortable and functional spaces that will be cherished for generations to come.



With decades of combined expertise in hand-cut timber frames, advanced green building techniques, custom design and drafting, and efficient project management, we are proud to offer boutique frame-to-finish services to clients in Mid-Coast Maine and beyond.



Whether you’re dreaming of a traditional mortise-and-tenon timber frame barn, a custom Net Zero Energy home, or something in between, Benjamin + Company stands ready to build your dreams to life.

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What We Do

At Benjamin & Company, we do more than simply build houses.  We build with great care to create homes that function as well-integrated systems, leaving our clients with spaces of exceptional quality, efficiency, and durability.  No matter the scope of your project, we will approach it with the same mindfulness we bring to everything we create.  Above all, we want to make the journey to your new front door as smooth as possible.

Building an extraordinary home is an endlessly complex, challenging, and rewarding process. Doing it well requires a team as exceptional as the house itself.  At Benjamin & Company, we employ a team of talented, conscientious carpenters who will work tirelessly to ensure every detail is exactly as you’ve imagined it, from framing the floor system for the first floor to installing the finest stain-grade millwork.  With our team on site for the duration of the project, we ensure the best communication between everyone involved in the construction process, including the very best subcontractors in Maine.

As challenging as is it to build your dream home, Benjamin & Company is committed to making the process fun, exciting, and ultimately, rewarding.


Traditional timber framing—with precise hand-cut joinery and oak-pegged construction—is a cornerstone of our business.  Though “conventional” stick-framing has replaced timber framing for all but a small fraction of new homes, timber frame construction has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity in the last few decades, gaining traction with discerning home owners who recognize their strength, beauty, and authenticity.  Beyond their rugged good looks and traditional appeal, timber frames dovetail perfectly with the efficient wall assemblies and open floor plans of today’s finest homes.

Whether beginning from existing architectural drawings or a blank drafting table, our frames start in the computer, where we work through even the most complex joinery to ensure smooth layout and efficient cutting.  We cut all of the pieces in our barn in Brunswick with a combination of top-quality, specialized power tools and painstaking hand work with a chisel and mallet.   By the time the beams arrive on site, no detail has been overlooked, so our timbers go together tightly, quickly, and safely, whether we’re raising pint-sized Douglas Fir pavilion over hot tub, an elegant carriage house from Hemlock, or a complex oiled White Pine frame with several dormers and multiple roof pitches.  Whether you’re working with an architect and would like a frame to fit a custom home, or you’re looking to begin from one of our existing designs for a project of any scale and any budget, we have the experience to leave you with a timber frame for the ages.

At Benjamin & Company, we take sustainability seriously from the moment we begin work on your project.  With recent advances in building science, materials, and technology, the houses built today use less energy, should last longer, and are more livable than ever before. Even better: with new knowledge and endless new sources for green products and materials, construction the eco-conscious home of your dreams doesn’t have to bust your budget, either. Building green is not only about making a statement or investing in a cleaning world: it’s about creating safe, efficient, comfortable, durable, and affordable homes.  Quite simply, it’s the right way to build, today and for future generations.

Green building means different things to different people.  Whether your sustainability goals are as simple as achieving low monthly energy bills or as ambitious as building a Passive House certified home, we can work with you to ensure that your new home performs exactly to your standards of quality, energy consumption, and comfort.  We have years of experience with advanced, high-performance building methods and materials, and we take great care to educate ourselves and our partners about the latest advances in building science.  If you choose to pursue certification through a program like Passive House US, LEED for Homes, NAHB Green, Energy Star, or others, we will be with you every step of the way, and we are happy to coordinate energy modeling and testing to verify your home’s high performance.  Even if certification isn’t part of the plan, you can learn more about these programs to see how we approach building a spectacular home.

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Once again [we] feel great about our visit and interactions with all the people working on the house.  We could not be more pleased with your help and guidance and we are very impressed with the team that Ben has assembled to build the house.  To a person, they are great.  And we are SUPER pleased with the progress on the house!  Thanks so much for ALL of your efforts!

We are so grateful for your fine work and great attitude. I recommend you to anyone who asks!

The day our frame arrived the first snow of the winter began to fall. Undaunted, Ben and his crew worked three 10 day hour days in a mix of sleet and snow to raise our frame. Thanks to Ben, and his crew our barn and frame now stands as a testament to craftsmanship.

Ben is the consummate professional, it was a pleasure to work with him, and we love our home.